What we grow & Who we are:

We are passionate about Ecological Growing

Welcome to our ecological Farm. We take nature and ecology seriously. We grow to the strictest ecological standards that we can set ourselves.


We grow for you:

Micro-Greens, Edible Flowers, Sprouts

Herbal Tea & Well-being

Herbs & Spices

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Living Indoor Plants

Heirloom Garden Seeds

Table Posies


Who we are:

We are natural plant based medicine experts and know that our food can be our medicine, provided the growing methods are natural. Al we do is for the benefit and integrity of our plants, which will ultimately be of greatest benefit to our clients.

When the plant is the healthiest and as natural as it can be, the taste and durability takes care of itself.

Hence we believe our products are the freshest, most nutritional and longest lasting in the local market. We know local is best and we serve the local market with minimum transport requirement. We exclusively work with a handful of local clients and provide an exceptional product and grow strong relationships which stand the test of time.


Our Strength:

We are small enough to customise our offering to your needs and incorporate your feedback. If you need customised products for your menu change you can work with us.

Due to our local proximity, we can deliver from the farm to the plate in a few hours and our greens are the freshest on the local market.

We don’t have an ambition for world domination, no we are just happy to serve a small numbers of good, local customers exceptionally well and establish strong and reliable win/win relationships.

We are quality driven and due to a foundation in nutritional medicine, we are committed to better than organic standards.


Contact: 685765522

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