Office Plants

We provide your public space and offices with stunning plants and maintain them for you.

Six good reasons for office plants:

1. Plants are Important to a Healthy Lifestyle

2. Flowers and Plants Inspire our Creativity

3. We are Willing to Pay More in Retail Areas that Include Trees

4. We are Less Stressed and More Productive Around Plants

5. Carbon Dioxide Reduction, better Room Climate

6. Contribution to your Brand Identity

Do you know the problem?

When you first buy your plants from the professionals, they look great! 

…. but then, after a while they are just not right. The truth is that plants need more care than just watering. 

Here are some problems we have fixed:

– Over time the soil can turn acidic and the plants just don’t flourish and they need a soil change.

– In busy areas, such as a hotel reception, they may get damaged or leaves turn brown.

– If the plants to well, they can  outgrow their containers or the space they are meant for and need replacing with fitting ones.

– A beautiful lemon tree in a call center office was struggling to survive as ants had managed to nest in the container.

With our weekly visit plant care service we make sure that the plants we have placed in your space, stay as lush as on the first day. And if any of our plants don’t happen to do so well, we just replace them free of charge, so you are guaranteed a beautiful plant environment.

Caring for them made easy:

Rent plants & planters
Complete bi-weekly maintenance service
Plant replacement at our expenses (all plants are 100% guaranteed)
Support in case of moving or re-organisation of your business
Once Contact Account Management

Because we take care of all their needs:

Watering adjustment and fertilisation
Foliage dusting and cleaning
Potting soil amendment and repotting of the new plants
Pruning and staking
Rotation for an even growth
Phytosanitary inspection

Contact: 685765522

Please ask us for a free meeting & inspection.