Microgreens Malaga Spain and mail order

What our customer say:

“Wouw!  They taste great.”

“They are very well presented.”

“It’s been a week and they are still fine in the fridge.”

“These are the longest lasting greens on the market.”

“Amazing that they are organic and there is such a big choice!”

Our Quality:

We are passionate about growing plants so that you benefit from their nutrient dense plant power.

And we are passionate about exploring new, old ways of agriculture without any of the modern additives. We are setting ourselves better than organic standards when it come to producing food.

We believe in organic, bio-dynamic and permaculture growing and the traditional way of agriculture as the ONLY way to a sustainable future.

Price Groups:

1. Flowers, Alfalfa Sprouts


2.China Rose, Pea Shoots, Metzkla (mixed)


3. Broccoli, Ruccula, Mustard, Alfalfa Greens

€ c

4. Amaranth, Coriander, Carrot

€ d

Delivery Area:

We deliver in the Malaga area.


We also grow wholesale for customers who would like to use many greens.

Private Label:

We also sell private label for resellers or distributors. If you would like to sell micro-greens you can purchase them from our farm.

Mail order:

If you are out of area, you can receive living micro-greens via mail order. You will receive six pots of seasonal greens once a week. We will send the orders off on Monday morning and they will reach you during the week.

Contact us for a free sample


685 765 522